Analyze Offline Files

(A demonstration video of this feature is available.)

The Cisco CLI Analyzer can analyze a text file (with an extension of .text or .txt) that contains the command output from a previous device session. The text file can also be compressed; supported compression formats include ZIP (.zip), GZIP (.gz), 7-ZIP (.7z), and RAR (.rar).

Note: The maximum file size you can upload, whether compressed or uncompressed, is 1 GB.

Include this content in the text file:

  • The command (such as '# show version') that generated each output in the file
  • Output from the show version command
  • (Optional) Output from the show tech-support command; this is required in order to perform a full analysis
  • (Optional) Output from other supported commands

Complete these steps in order to analyze a command output file:

  1. If you have not logged in using your Cisco account, log in now.
  2. Click the File Analysis tab.
  3. Perform one of the following steps in order to provide the text to analyze:
    • Drag the text file onto the Click Here or Drop File to Analyze area.
    • Click inside the Click Here or Drop File to Analyze area, browse to and select the text file, and click Open.
    • Copy the command output text, click inside the Command Output area, and paste the copied text.
  4. Click Start Analysis.
  5. Analysis results appear in the Tool Results window.


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