About B2B call tester

This tools allows you to create a temporary space in our CMS and allow multiple connection options to test Business-to-business (B2B) calls.

Creating temporary space

Click on Generate a testing space button to create a temporary CMS space.


After it is successfully done, you will be presented with multiple options to connect to it. Please note the remaining time after which the CMS space will be automatically deleted and calls disconnected.


Call me

Type in your destination URI or address and select a call protocol.

  • SIP - call to any Cisco or standard SIP device
  • Microsoft SIP - call to Skype for Business / Office 365 deployments
  • H.323 - call to any H.323 device using URI
  • IP dialing - H.323 call to an IP address

I will call in

Use any SIP device to dial to the generated SIP URI, both standard SIP and Microsoft SIP are supported.

Join from browser

Use CMS WebRTC connection feature that allows you to join as guest participant to a CMS space. Use Chrome browser for correct functionality.

Space participants

Once a participant is added over Call me function or has connected through a Call-in or WebRTC, it will be listed in the Space participants section. For each participant there will be the following information displayed:

  • connection method (Call-in, dial-out protocol, WebRTC)
  • connection state
  • call duration
  • media statistics

Known limitations

  • Statistics for Skype for Business presentation sharing are not displayed.