About SRV checker

SRV checker is a tool that checks the public Domain Name System (DNS) configuration for Cisco Collaboration features for a given domain. For each feature checks are being done on the DNS results, network connectivity and the certificate; when issues are found a corrective action plan is presented.


Domain that you want to run the DNS and connectivity tests against.

Sample output

Below is the output for the tp.ciscotac.net domain.

Collaboration features validation

First thing that is displayed is an overview of the Collaboration deployment features and how the discovered DNS entries and connectivity checks have evaluated their availability.


Feature specific checks

Feature with issue

Upon selecting a feature which is evaluated as having issues you can see issues found and action plan to resolve them if the feature in question is expected to work in your deployment.


Feature without issues

Upon selecting a feature which is evaluated as not having issues, you can see all details related to this feature.


Certificate view

When the certificate was successfully fetched you can open the certificate view and have all details of the complete chain available.